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The Founder: McDonalds The Great

The Founder is a capitalist nightmare. I mean, the events of the film are certainly, but the film could have been about it without actually being it. The film wants us to take some certain things for granted. That McDonalds is right, that McDonalds is a good, and that McDonalds was inevitable. Don’t see that… Continue reading The Founder: McDonalds The Great

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John Wick: Chapter 2: All About the Craft

John Wick: Chapter 2 wants you to think it’s not camp. It tries and tries and tries, with its serious faced men and its brutal action. But high class gentleman assassins? Lavish hotels serving as organizational safehouses? Sly deals executed with a wink and a handshake? Oh, it’s camp as all fuck. After retrieving his… Continue reading John Wick: Chapter 2: All About the Craft

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The Great Wall: A Communist Spectacle

I am woefully underprepared to talk about Chinese film, it’s a huge whole in my knowledge i am desperately trying to fill up. Now we see the release of the most expensive, expansive Chinese film of all time and it’s hard to know what to make of it. Is it an attempt to position China… Continue reading The Great Wall: A Communist Spectacle

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Fences: August Wilson’s August Play

Fences feels like an accomplished play. Everything that I’m sure shone throughout the various stagings of August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize winning classic shines here. Under Denzel Washington’s direction though it never feels like it quite makes that leap to a film. That’s not to suggest inferiority by no means, I’ve never seen it staged (and… Continue reading Fences: August Wilson’s August Play

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The Space Between Us: A Straight Fantasy

The most baffling thing about The Space Between Us is that it ain’t an adaptation. It reads like a YA sci-fi romance novel. It’s like someone saw only the title to The Fault in Their Stars a couple of years ago, heard about its success, and decided, ‘Sure, I could do that.’ That someone is… Continue reading The Space Between Us: A Straight Fantasy

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Looking at: Passengers’ Awful, Awful Message

I didn’t write a review of Passengers at the time because I was busy and lazy. I got thoughts though. It was a film I actually saw in the cinema with family, they left the theatre thinking it was a functional (if forgettable) action sci-fi romance. I left convinced that the position the film takes… Continue reading Looking at: Passengers’ Awful, Awful Message