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Beyond Postmodernism: Post-truth

If modernism and postmodernism are defined primarily by their relationship to the metanarrative, where does that leave the contemporary world? Newscasters have been chatting a lot over the past year about post-truth politics, a mode of discourse in which the notion of the factual is deemphasised in favour of creating a new reality which supports… Continue reading Beyond Postmodernism: Post-truth

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Beyond Postmodernism: The Apple Store

Okay, let’s start here by outlining the supermarket as the ultimate postmodern shopping experience. A dizzying and purposefully confusing arrangement of choice, designed to distance ourselves from the physical reality of the products we wish to purchase. Which instead encourages us to facilitate our interaction with the world through recognisable branding, as brand awareness is… Continue reading Beyond Postmodernism: The Apple Store