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Weekly Roundup: 9/12/18 Edition

I started playing Fallout 3 again earlier this week. I guess the emphasis in that sentence would go on started playing. I’ve put in about five hours I think at this point and, similar to every last time I’ve ever tried, it’s started to weigh me down. Would you know that all those years ago a brought the Game of the Year edition, I’ve never interacted with any of that DLC content at all.

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Beyond Postmodernism: Post-truth

If modernism and postmodernism are defined primarily by their relationship to the metanarrative, where does that leave the contemporary world? Newscasters have been chatting a lot over the past year about post-truth politics, a mode of discourse in which the notion of the factual is deemphasised in favour of creating a new reality which supports… Continue reading Beyond Postmodernism: Post-truth

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The Student: An uncomfortable film

Seems like there was some internal disagreement on how to translate the title of The Student. The poster in the cinema’s foyer read student, the film’s subtitles meanwhile chose to interpret it as The Disciple. Reading online the transliterated original would have been (M)Uchenik which also adds a pun in there involving the word Martyr.… Continue reading The Student: An uncomfortable film

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How the Language of the Sharing Economy Devalues All Our Labour

So, yesterday the CEO of Uber made a damn fool of himself in the back of one of his cars. He ain’t been having a good year has he? I mean, seems like he deserves most of the shit he been getting on account of Uber, the company under his control, being a dumpster fire… Continue reading How the Language of the Sharing Economy Devalues All Our Labour