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The Weekly Roundup – 03/09/2017

It struck me recently that I have no idea what most people do. All these people around and I have no idea. On my days off of work, usually weekdays, I’ll travel by train to get to the nearest cinema, who are all these people travelling? They have laptops and they’re typing up notes and… Continue reading The Weekly Roundup – 03/09/2017

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An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power Review – 2th

When a major criticism of your charitable awareness and outreach program is that it is too self-serving, it might not be best to make a film which seems to validate all those critiques. The conversation around Al Gore don’t really seem to have changed in any meaningful way since the release of manbearpig back in 2006. You can find articles and comments online why it’s an unfair narrative; one cooked up by the right-wing and their associate deniers to easily invalidate his actions without even acknowledging the science. It’s probably best to ignore it, make the film that you wanna make.

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American Made Review – More like crapitalism

I am so fucking done with this type of film. Wahay, look at the excesses of American capitalism, aren’t they awesome? Look at this fucking white-ass guy with his amazing life, and his big house, and his much younger wife. He is so much better, more capable, more successful than you. Who cares if he’s breaking the law, in capitalism all you’re chasing is that almighty dollar so of course he’s justified. Watch as he outsmarts everyone around him, his co-workers, his family, the cartels, the American fucking government. They’re all trying to get a piece of the pie too so who gives a fuck?