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2016’s Best Film: Your Name

It was the Oscars last night as I’m writing this. It looked like a fun evening and, despite all the drama and controversy, everyone deserves congratulations no matter who we think should have won in any specific category, and whether we still think the same way in a few years’ time. In the morning i… Continue reading 2016’s Best Film: Your Name

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A Cure for Wellness: Crimson Peak for boys

It took me a while to get the measure of A Cure for Wellness, until it struck me, this film has the Crimson Peak problem. It’s been advertised as a horror film, and sure, there’s some scary moments in there, but it’s not striving for horror. In the same way that Crimson Peak was actually… Continue reading A Cure for Wellness: Crimson Peak for boys

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Beyond Postmodernism: The Apple Store

Okay, let’s start here by outlining the supermarket as the ultimate postmodern shopping experience. A dizzying and purposefully confusing arrangement of choice, designed to distance ourselves from the physical reality of the products we wish to purchase. Which instead encourages us to facilitate our interaction with the world through recognisable branding, as brand awareness is… Continue reading Beyond Postmodernism: The Apple Store

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Just cos I’m anime trash don’t mean anime is trash: Yuri!!! On ICE

Yuri!!! on Ice is super gay. Like, gayer than all other sports anime, gayer than most other anime full stop. Just super super gay. Which is exciting because it’s like ‘Yay, unashamed, full-on representation!’ and it’s great. But then you look at the framework it’s taking place in and it’s like what I imagine it… Continue reading Just cos I’m anime trash don’t mean anime is trash: Yuri!!! On ICE

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Moonlight: Watch with Empathy

I mean, I’m really not interested in any take on Moonlight that isn’t coming from a queer black person. It’s a beautiful evocation of a life that comes so far from mine that I feel fully inequipped to deal. Queerness comes pretty easy of my tongue, but that small-town, middle-class, white-British queerness. How can it… Continue reading Moonlight: Watch with Empathy

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20th Century Women: Hanging With the Gals

At 20th Century Women’s best moments it’s got this real chill hangout movie vibe. A loose, easygoing slide that puts the audience into the headspace that Santa Barbara probably deserves. Work probably does get done there but right now it feels like a million miles away. The punk scene’s still alive, Reagan is not yet… Continue reading 20th Century Women: Hanging With the Gals

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The Founder: McDonalds The Great

The Founder is a capitalist nightmare. I mean, the events of the film are certainly, but the film could have been about it without actually being it. The film wants us to take some certain things for granted. That McDonalds is right, that McDonalds is a good, and that McDonalds was inevitable. Don’t see that… Continue reading The Founder: McDonalds The Great

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John Wick: Chapter 2: All About the Craft

John Wick: Chapter 2 wants you to think it’s not camp. It tries and tries and tries, with its serious faced men and its brutal action. But high class gentleman assassins? Lavish hotels serving as organizational safehouses? Sly deals executed with a wink and a handshake? Oh, it’s camp as all fuck. After retrieving his… Continue reading John Wick: Chapter 2: All About the Craft

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The Great Wall: A Communist Spectacle

I am woefully underprepared to talk about Chinese film, it’s a huge whole in my knowledge i am desperately trying to fill up. Now we see the release of the most expensive, expansive Chinese film of all time and it’s hard to know what to make of it. Is it an attempt to position China… Continue reading The Great Wall: A Communist Spectacle