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Red Sparrow Review – Boston accent

I don’t think there was ever a time when calling your lead character Dominika would have been subtle, but in a post Fifty Shades world it’s more about setting expectations. Those expectations are ones which the film constantly delights in frustrating. Dominika goes through the entire film without properly domming anybody, instead after receiving extensive training as a sexpionage agent (real term btw) she immediately goes and falls in love with the first man she’s sent to seduce.

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Looking at: Passengers’ Awful, Awful Message

I didn’t write a review of Passengers at the time because I was busy and lazy. I got thoughts though. It was a film I actually saw in the cinema with family, they left the theatre thinking it was a functional (if forgettable) action sci-fi romance. I left convinced that the position the film takes… Continue reading Looking at: Passengers’ Awful, Awful Message