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Churchill Review – Never surrender

Well, it ain’t the hagiography that I feared it would be. After all that ‘greatest Briton’ nonsense the trailer be throwing out there it a wonderful surprise to see the portrait of a belligerent, castrated old man sacking everyone around him off in his futile attempt to lead a military campaign that gets pulled off just fine without him.

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The Transfiguration: Modern vampires of the city

Maybe it just came out at the wrong time in the UK. Watching The Transfiguration a couple of weeks after watching Raw was never gonna do it many favours. Two films playing around with horror movie tropes, the cannibal, the vampire, as a way to explore contemporary politics. This one is looking at the abandonment of lower class, black majority populations by a society that still, consciously or not, remains empowered by their subjugation.