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Weekly Roundup 02/12/18 Edition

I went to the gym today for the first time this week and I ran. That’s basically all I do there, I get on the treadmill and run, do squats as well sometimes. I always forget the sense of relief that comes with finishing something. A run, a review, a workday, a play. My life is full of unfinished things that I’m not really even conscious of. It’s nice to get things done sometimes.

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The Weekly Roundup 16/04/17

Sundays are for apologising for not keeping schedules, even if they are ones you only agreed with yourself. Well that and catching some content, an opinion softball into that mitt we call the brain. Zach Braff’s Going in Style wants so desperately to be topical but forgets to be intersectional. Remember: If your statement ain’t… Continue reading The Weekly Roundup 16/04/17

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Some Cold Takes: Life and Chips

Life Life is a film by perverts. Serious. The ISS horror flick is, when it’s not trying to be Gravity, the most legit affecting horror movie I seen recently. Mostly cos the setting turns the cabin the woods into something weird and new. Not without its problems, given everything gotta be so technical, we treated… Continue reading Some Cold Takes: Life and Chips