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Isle of Dogs Review – Say it three times fast

It seems like through Wes Anderson’s filmography, while his style has moved towards the realm of extreme formalism, the stories he employs it to tell are spacing out into these maximalist folds. His worlds contain seemingly boundless possibilities, unconcerned by form or structure the characters bounce from event to event as strung along by some dream logic. Whatever sense exists in Anderson’s dialogue, and it is easily malleable, buffeted by strange winds and desires, serves to chase the characters to some new episode. Always unexpected, always inventive.

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Okja Review – Inside for kids

Okja! Okja! People shout that name a lot through the movie. It’s the name of this giant adorable hippo looking animal that everyone seem so jazzed about. The Mirando Corporation, headed by Tilda Swinton’s Lucy (again playing the sorta faintly comic caricature of evil that Bong Joon-ho loves her as), calls the species the superpig… Continue reading Okja Review – Inside for kids

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Letters From Baghdad: Lady Lawrence

There’s this amazing bit in the story of Gertrude Bell when, on one of her Middle Eastern expeditions she runs into a young man working as an apprentice at an archaeological site. And she tells him, ‘Hey dude, I know you’re just starting out, but you’re digging all shitty. We’re trying to preserve history here,… Continue reading Letters From Baghdad: Lady Lawrence