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Avengers: Infinity War Review – I guess I forgot what infinity means

Hi. This review is going to spoil the new Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War. I ain’t joking. I ain’t playing. There is gonna be some frank discussion of the ending and what it is and what it means. It is impossible to turn a reasoned critical eye to the film and avoid discussing, it demands you to. So, if you care about the film it’s probably best to avoid reading this until after. And if you think you probably don’t care enough, you definitely don’t care enough. Feel free.

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Isle of Dogs Review – Say it three times fast

It seems like through Wes Anderson’s filmography, while his style has moved towards the realm of extreme formalism, the stories he employs it to tell are spacing out into these maximalist folds. His worlds contain seemingly boundless possibilities, unconcerned by form or structure the characters bounce from event to event as strung along by some dream logic. Whatever sense exists in Anderson’s dialogue, and it is easily malleable, buffeted by strange winds and desires, serves to chase the characters to some new episode. Always unexpected, always inventive.

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Some Cold Takes: The Lost City of Z and Ghost in the Shell

The Lost City of Z Patriarchy’s one hell of a drug innit? Percy Fawcett can just go off to Bolivia, searching for his lost city, neglecting his wife and children who carry on in England without him. Whiteness is toxic. He tries to disrupt paternalistic eurocentrism by searching for civilisation in Southern America, yet neglects… Continue reading Some Cold Takes: The Lost City of Z and Ghost in the Shell