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A Quiet Place Review – Subdued thrills

People online be getting all sniffy. ‘I wanna watch A Quiet Place in cinemas,’ they say, ‘but teens and phones and I can’t trust them to be quiet when the film’s on. So I won’t.’ Ah, suck it up, stop being so precious and go see the goddamn movie. It’s pretty good. For what it’s worth I caught an evening screening, opening weekend, fairly full with a younger audience and everyone in our theatre were locked in from the start. Once the film make it clear what it’s doing you’ve not really any choice, it’s get in or get out.

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Annihilation Review – Too many ideas, too much talking

Annihilation came out on Netflix over here and my internet is proper bad. My computer on a desk slightly too small for it in a room uncomfortably large right at the edge of the where the wireless over the other side of the house reach. It’s hit and miss usually, I get lucky and the image comes across mostly pristine, I don’t and I’ll just settle in watch a few episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine because y’all don’t need super high definition to appreciate Andy Samburg’s face.

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Daddy’s Home 2 Review – Shitty dude, shitty movie

Daddy’s Home 2 wants to be a charming inoffensive family Christmas movie. Now, when you’re judging this kinda thing you wanna take intent into account. You wanna hope that the filmmakers know what they be doing, that whatever happened they were just trying to make the best film that they possibly could. The mistakes that turn best intentions bad are often so hard to notice when you’re in the midst of things too. Perhaps you only notice in the edit that you really could have done with that shot, or what seemed fine on the page doesn’t quite scan right. Maybe it’s something as ephemeral as missing the tone you were aiming for, what could have caused that?

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Suburbicon Review – Trouble in Paradise

I imagine George Clooney was feeling pretty woke when he filmed this. I’m not sure why he thought he’d be the one to nail a story on the struggles of a black family on the front lines of integration, it’s possible that he didn’t. That at least would explain why this family ain’t given a story, nor any real character, or lines, or even first names.

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An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power Review – 2th

When a major criticism of your charitable awareness and outreach program is that it is too self-serving, it might not be best to make a film which seems to validate all those critiques. The conversation around Al Gore don’t really seem to have changed in any meaningful way since the release of manbearpig back in 2006. You can find articles and comments online why it’s an unfair narrative; one cooked up by the right-wing and their associate deniers to easily invalidate his actions without even acknowledging the science. It’s probably best to ignore it, make the film that you wanna make.