The Weekly Roundup – 27/08/2017

I applied for another job this week, got another rejection. Seems to be the way of things really. I should be ashamed of myself, I deserve everything I’m getting. I keep saying that things will have to change but I can never commit to actually doing anything differently. All I want to do is sell out, be exploited by some company that may be willing to pay me slightly more than minimum wage. There’s no way I can progress in my life at the moment. I simply don’t have the money for it.

Least I get to go to the cinema, Your Name got a wide single screening rerelease this week in anticipation of the DVD coming out. I didn’t manage to convince anyone to go with me but the theatre was pretty packed anyway. It was the first film I’ve been to in a while that got applause at the on-end title, that sorta thing just don’t happen here. The following day I felt pretty shitty. Are there any films you like which are so good they leave you feeling worn down and ashamed afterwards? Hit me up in the comments if you got one.


Patrick Hughes’ The Hitman’s Bodyguard feels like some knockoff Shane Black joint. Which means inevitably it’s gonna make more than any of his because Black approaches his material with some intelligence and sensitivity. There ain’t really none of that to be found here; it survives off the backs of the actors’ comedy chops if only because nothing else is really that funny. Read my full review here.


Nikolaj Arcel’s The Dark Tower is trash. Then again so is my review. It’s literally the worst piece of writing I’ve done in a long time. Kind of appropriate really. I’ve been listening to a lot of this podcast called Blank Check (with Griffin and David) recently. It’s a sorta film podcast, but in its best moments is just using the films as a framework for silly goofy fun comedy. Like all white boy film podcasts they did some episodes about the Star Wars prequels. In one of them they discuss (with guest J.D. Amato) how the production of Attack of the Clones accidentally created a filmmaking pipeline that made it impossible to make a good film. I won’t be surprised if we start hearing production stories like that soon. I hope everyone involved recovers from this dark experience. Read my full review here (or don’t it’d probably be better for you).


Stella Meghie’s Everything, Everything is another entrant in the teen romance genre that seems to be growing from the demise of the YA dystopia. Y’know I think there’s something to be said for how these stories interact with elements of magic realism. When it comes to things like this, Peter Chelsom’s The Space Between Us, even Josh Boone’s The Fault in Our Stars; we aren’t looking at depictions of illness, it’s instead this fantastical thing, literally the world conspiring against your happiness. There’s a cosmic injustice to it, divorced from the way being sick works in reality. Read my full review here.

I’ve nothing else really to put here. This has been a hard week for me and honestly I’m not feeling super up to anything right now. I’ve got several reviews in the can to go up next week but I’m really sorry if I don’t manage too much. Every time I try to find a place in the world it feels like I’m kicked back down. I’ll just keep trying.

Thank you all for reading my work. Hopefully i’ll be able to stick to schedule next week. Y’all stay cute now.


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