Theatrical Lighting Portfolio

Almost anyone could do a lot better, I’m still trying though.

Trained actress, self taught lighting designer, Esther Warren is a founding member of Black Dog Productions and has lit all of their work since 2016. Following the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 she started ‘…taking this shit seriously.’ and is presently available to just about anyone who asks. Her passion (and proficiency) lies in personal work and intimate performance spaces — anything queer is personally exciting too. Please get in touch ❤

Macbeth (2022)

My first time designing for Shakespeare, and what a blessing to work on such an enervating one. Wise & Wayward — Dir. Kate Raw

The White Heart Inn (2021-2022)

A Halloween-y type play. Coproduction of Apricity Theatre, Black Dog Productions & Dumb Blonde — Dir. Emily Malloy

DING! (2021)

Five monologues (and a duologue) about the internet and how it has shaped our lives. Flipside Productions — Dirs. Pippa Thornton, Lex Kaby & Emily Malloy

Submission (2021)

Psychological thriller, scrappy, very Saw. Black Dog Productions — Dir. Tiffany Rhodes

Curse of the Sapphire Blade (2021)

Pratchett-esque fantasy comedy, a lot of fun. Black Dog Productions — Dir. Lex Kaby

Further Work
  • Decadence (2022, Misplaced Theatre): Lighting/Sound Design & Tech
  • I’m Fucking My Agent (2022, Taboo Theatre): Lighting Design & Tech
  • The Hothouse (2021, Next Stage): Lighting & Sound Tech
  • Frankenstein (2021, Next Stage): Lighting Tech
  • Savage (2020, Black Dog Productions): Lighting/Sound Design & Tech
  • Orphan (2018-2019, Black Dog Productions): Lighting/Sound Design & Tech
  • Films About Ghosts (2017, Black Dog Productions): Lighting Design & Tech
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