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The Weekly Roundup – 03/09/2017

It struck me recently that I have no idea what most people do. All these people around and I have no idea. On my days off of work, usually weekdays, I’ll travel by train to get to the nearest cinema, who are all these people travelling? They have laptops and they’re typing up notes and… Continue reading The Weekly Roundup – 03/09/2017

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Logan Lucky Review – Cheerier than Wolverine

How long ago did Steven Soderburgh retire from films? I guess it don’t really mean so much when he claims that and then directs, shoots, and edits two whole seasons of a television show. He’s been tempted back to the big screen, he says, because he was passed a script so fun he couldn’t resist taking it on himself. That’s his story, nobody’s actually that sure if the credited screenwriter here even exists. Given that ‘Mary Ann Bernard’ and ‘Peter Andrews’ are transparent by this point there’s some reason to be suspect.