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Solo: A Star Wars Story Review – A studied affair

I’m telling you, I knew that Alden Ehrenreich would be a great Han Solo from the start. Maybe I was more confident on the performance that he would turn out under the originally slated directorial duo; but I was certain that there could be no level of charm that the man who brought us Hobie Doyle wouldn’t be able to achieve. I’ll just take a moment here to luxuriate in the feel of a shot well called, even if it weren’t my shot to call in the first place. The dude is bloody amazing in this joint.

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: Happy International Workers’ Day Version!

I know it seems like almost a week late, but over here we celebrate all national holidays on whatever Monday they’re closer to. Except May Day, that’s always the first Monday of May. Hell even the queen slides her birthday onto whichever Saturday happens to be hanging around just in case her well wishers feel like making the trip.