Netflix’s ‘Love, Death & Robots: Alternate Histories’ Review

Still from the Love, Death & Robots episode Alternate Histories

Okay, this one is an extended six riffs on the same joke none of which are funny. Like, oh my god it’s so fucking bad.

I honestly can’t remember a time when Hitler jokes were ever funny. Like even as an edgy teen they’d pretty much fallen out of favour. This was back before the rise of contemporary Nazism when one could make them sorts of jokes without getting like some extreme side eye and even then I think we’d all agreed that the material was pretty played out.

This short film doesn’t do anything interesting within the realm of edgy comedy. It uses Hitler as a bizarre jumping off point for a series of ‘lol, so random’ gags that don’t even meaningfully engage with the concept of alternate histories in the first place. Giant gelatin guns and steampunk spaceships and interdimensional succubi all make featured appearances at the hand of a writer who I’m sure was feeling very smug.

I hate that the folks making this shit probably went home feeling very proud of themselves. ‘Hey, we made a bunch of Hitler jokes that everybody can laugh at.’ Aside from the fact that there’s a bizarre transphobic joke in there and none of this shit is funny whatsoever.

I shouldn’t be, subjecting myself to all this like I do, but I feel almost personally offended that anyone should get paid to produce this kinda drivel. It’s so shit, it’s a script that would be turned down by even the most lowest common denominator youtube sketch team, it is unfathomably, unthinkably, bad.

I started writing again because I wanted to be enthusiastic about things I loved. I though I should just finish these first.


Love, Death & Robots is currently available to stream via Netflix.

One Star
Image courtesy of Netflix

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