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Love, Death & Robots ‘Good Hunting’ Review

Alright, this one’s pretty cute. It’s about equally gross as well. Any story about the stoic man who has to keep rescuing the flighty girl who keeps getting into trouble will kinda be. But when the girl’s a furry fox girl sex witch clockwork cyborg who wants to kill colonialist oppressors, I’m on her side. It’s almost definitely someone on the production team’s very specific fetish, but y’know, it intersects with enough of mine that I’ll allow it.

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Perception vs. Reality: Thoughts on Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’

Sometimes you don’t need a take. Us is pretty good, the final act didn’t quite land for me in the way that it was supposed to, but the strength of the filmmaking and the sustained tension throughout that final sequence was enough to keep me through until the end. I guessed what the twist was right at the beginning, usually it’s not something I’m good at in films, and generally I try not to make a habit of it, so those final moments maybe didn’t hit me like they did some others.

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Love, Death & Robots: ‘Suits’ Review

The area in which the fourth short of Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots series is sorely lacking is originality. Everyday folks jump in their power-loaders to fight an oncoming swarm of snarling insectile beasties, followed up at the rear by one very big beastie. After the fight is done, those remaining alive relax wary of the storm clouds beginning to form again on the horizon.

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Love Death & Robots: The Witness Review

Sorry that this one’s coming up late, watching this short film made me reconsider if going through all of these would even be worth it. I’m tired, I’ve really got other pressing things to do, and unless something is out and out reprehensible I don’t really like bringing negativity to the page. I prefer to be excited about things I love. This short film was written and directed by Alberto Mielgo.