The Weekly Roundup – 28/07/17

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Yay, a properly great week for cinema for once. Honestly I’ve been thinking on it recently and I think I may have been being a bit stingy on my five star reviews, especially on big budget action joints. I did reviews without ratings for a long time, I think i still prefer that style of writing but there sure do be something to be said for attaching a solid quantifiable opinion on there. I’m still torn, like Scribe this week, I talked myself around to that score but I ain’t sure it totally deserved it. I can only hope I don’t make no cock ups that embarrass me forever. Stick by your guns E.

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is frustratingly the first Nolan joint that came up for me because this one I have a pure unproblematic love for. I like Nolan on the whole but generally I have a few problems with his work, now I just look like every other fanboye. Whatever, BravoNolan.

tick tick tick

Seems like Chris Nolan been listening to his critics. They say he struggles to build compelling and emotionally nuanced characters, he goes and creates a film without any. They say that his plots are tightly wound but don’t hold up under scrutiny, Dunkirk is virtually plotless. They say he mixes dialogue waaaaaaaaay too fucking low in the edit and he makes a whole film where his approach actually make sense. If it weren’t for the fact that this a full on onslaught of an action film it’d probably be unrecognisable. >>more>>

David Soren’s Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie was apparently made for peanuts.  38mil, the second cheapest Dreamworks movie ever (after Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit), they farmed the animation out to Mikros Image and left with their best feature in a good few years. Ain’t gon win no awards tho.

I'm surprised there ain't a joke in the treatment

If there were any kids’ movie which may as well have a big sign painted on the front that said essentially ‘NO GIRLS ALLOWED’ it would be this one. Like, there’s one woman in the movie, an adult not one of the kids, and even then she’s treated solely as this disposable love interest type character for another male character to pick up. I mean, I read the books, was probably getting too old for them long before I stopped, I don’t remember that there be any girls of note in them, but seriously, could nothing be done? It ain’t just like all the primaries are dudes, there ain’t a single girl in the film who the credits can be bothered to name. >>more>>

Thomas Kruithof’s Scribe stars François Cluzet, y’know from Intouchables that french comedy that came out a few years ago and for some reason hit huge despite not being any good and having the most ludicrously mismatched score ever (All cuts from Ludovico Einaudi’s 2004 piano album Una Mattina). Whatever, they’re doing an American remake with Brian Cranston and Kevin Hart, directed by Neil Burger. I don’t just expect it to bomb, I expect it to violently detonate in all their faces. We’ll see. Anyway, Scribe.

Ooh, all arty and French

Google seems confused about this film’s title. For the sake of convenience I’m gonna go with the one on my ticket: Scribe. Somewhere else there’s someone believes this film goes by a different name, they call it The Eavesdropper. I’m interested in what these two titles mean, how they assign both action and intent. To transcribe is to be proactive but the action itself carries no inherent moral weight. To eavesdrop is the opposite, you’re doing nothing conceptually it’s a dishonest and bad thing to be doing. >>more>>

Matthew Heineman’s City of Ghosts is a portrait of some dudes that all my words don’t do justice. You do some googling and can find that they may not be as simplistically heroic as they appear here, but holy fuck does the film make its portraits crystal clear.

Feels all Deus Ex-y

Y’all know how D Trump likes to run his mouth about the ‘fake news’ when he the one peddling all his bullcrap? You know who else does that? Literally ISIS. Matthew Heineman’s City of Ghosts is about the real citizen journalists of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS) who are punching the holes in their facade. >>more>>

I’m writing this one up after I and a friend recorded the first ever practice episode of our podcast project. It was scrappy as fuck and took a few false starts before we ever managed to get anything down, but when we did we got an hour ten, and could have gone longer if not for time constraints. Imma now have to listen back to it to assess how bad my voice sounds on mic and how desperately we need to construct some sort of framework to operate in, but it’s heartening to know that we can just talk for that long, deal with technical issues without being utter trash. Expect something soon.

I’ve also been applying for some more writing work in various places. It’s exciting but if anyone has any knowledge of how to pitch your work and yourself without sounding and feeling like the most godawful, unlikable, conceited excuse for a human possible please give it to me. I always exit the experience feeling like the worst person on the planet, but I know it’s not supposed to be like that.

I’ve been continuing my playthrough of the original Half-Life series with Gearbox software’s Opposing Force. The striking thing about it at the moment is how much smaller it is. i guess when I played it when I was younger, the introduction of these new more powerful enemies made it feel far larger and more expansive than it was. I’m pretty sure it has a similar number of chapters too, it’s just they’re all so much shorter. It ain’t the perfect tight piece of design that the original was, and at this point I’m worried if Blue Shift will be the same, that one was always my favourite.

Thanks for reading everything this week, and sorry for missing out on a day. Next week is probably gonna be pretty spotty actually, personal commitments combined with awful screening times for the new releases, plus a revival film festival on this weekend mean that it’s gonna be impossible for me to catch anything until the beginning of next week. On that note, I’m working Saturday, same day that they’re screening Krzysztof Kieślowski’s complete Dekalog for just £4.50, god damn.

Anyhow, thanks for reading again, I’ll be sure to put up as much as I can, and I’ll send all my love to those who stick with me through it.



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