What are you doing. Follow this guy’s blog you damn fools.

To fill in today’s break in my Bath Film Festival coverage, more is coming tomorrow I swear (I caught a wild preview of Lynne Ramsay’s upcoming joint this evening) the inimitable Matt of Streamed Consciousness posted coverage from the BFI London Film Festival. If you ain’t following him yet you seriously should.

Streamed Consciousness

An on-the-ground account of a whirlwind weekend in the cinemas of the country’s capital

IIIIIIFestivals can seem like illustrious affairs from the outside. The ones that become known and ingrained in the public consciousness, like Cannes and Sundance, seem like hubs of glitz and glamour, a place to watch film secluded from ordinary society. This largely comes from the people who attend, stars and creative talent behind the projects in competition who walk the red carpets in the sunny French Riviera on the cusp of summer or hurry along the one in Utah’s Park City as winter comes to a close, attending press conferences, after-parties and galas.

Of course, these are not exclusive to the aforementioned pair of festivals, they comprise a key part of most, if not all. As do the press and industry screenings which constitute their own schedule, often running prior to other screenings, in order…

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