Hi Rife!


I thought I’d put a page together here to show some of my work here that I’m proudest of, so you needn’t go digging through my history to find the good stuff. I hope you enjoy it.

I recently reviewed (and loved) Raoul Peck’s James Baldwin documentary I Am Not Your Negro

I wonder now which social philosophers I am currently ignoring. I am never as well read as I wish to be, but in truth I only have myself to blame in that regard. My 22 year old intolerances, I am sure, will shock an older me; I imagine even more so when I discover a contemporary writer, years ahead of their time.


I wrote about the Bethesda role playing game Skyrim in the context of video games as self care when struggling with mental health.

I’m playing the game on the easiest difficulty. I keep the wiki open on my phone. There is no space for the game to surprise or intrigue me. I am privvy to all its secrets, in general if not the specifics. It’s the right way to play: a game offers hundreds of hours of that sweet sweet content, easy to feel minimised in its design, overwhelmed by the possibilities. I so often just want to sample the best shit, hop around, skim the cream, until all the unvisited locations are reality’s footnotes to the magical world explored.


And I wrote about the misogyny of the Chris Pratt/Jennifer Lawrence flick Passengers.

It was a film I actually saw in the cinema with family, they left the theatre thinking it was a functional (if forgettable) action sci-fi romance. I left convinced that the position the film takes is an immoral one. You absolutely don’t get to make the choices made by the filmmakers here and come out squeaky clean. When taking a holistic view on a film, understand that all the things that it does well, it does in service of the iniquity at its core. As such, the more persuasive a film manages to be in articulating its message, the more dangerous it is, the worse it is.


Feel free to root around in my back catalogue too, I’ve just passed 100 posts so there’s plenty to look into.

A bonus, here’s me performing a short stand-up set back when I was in university, I was terrified of it at the time but the crowd really seemed on board.

Thank you so much for taking a look at all this, and for considering me, I hope to hear from you soon.