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Suburbicon Review – Trouble in Paradise

I imagine George Clooney was feeling pretty woke when he filmed this. I’m not sure why he thought he’d be the one to nail a story on the struggles of a black family on the front lines of integration, it’s possible that he didn’t. That at least would explain why this family ain’t given a story, nor any real character, or lines, or even first names.

Bath Film Festival 2017 · Female Filmmakers · Film · Review

Alive at the Bath Film Festival: King of the Belgians

I had a tutor in university who was a total cunt. Like irredeemable, one of the worst people you could ever meet. Like a total self-absorbed bastard, the sort whose lectures take rough and wild swings into total self-aggrandisement when you’re just trying to get your learning done.

Bath Film Festival 2017 · Female Filmmakers · Review

Alive at the Bath Film Festival: Most Beautiful Island

Most Beautiful Island starts promising. About the experience of undocumented immigrants in New York Ciy, it’s a bunch of long lens shots of these women walking about. Picked out of the public, these shots hold for an uncomfortable time, only due to their lengths do you manage to discern the subject. There is this uncanny feeling of predation, the city about to swallow these people up. Or maybe, topically over the past year, the fear of those ICE squads that may come at you if you have a foreign sounding accent, the fear of being undocumented in Trump’s America.


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An on-the-ground account of a whirlwind weekend in the cinemas of the country’s capital IIIIIIFestivals can seem like illustrious affairs from the outside. The ones that become known and ingrained in the public consciousness, like Cannes and Sundance, seem like hubs of glitz and glamour, a place to watch film…