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An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power Review – 2th

When a major criticism of your charitable awareness and outreach program is that it is too self-serving, it might not be best to make a film which seems to validate all those critiques. The conversation around Al Gore don’t really seem to have changed in any meaningful way since the release of manbearpig back in 2006. You can find articles and comments online why it’s an unfair narrative; one cooked up by the right-wing and their associate deniers to easily invalidate his actions without even acknowledging the science. It’s probably best to ignore it, make the film that you wanna make.

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American Made Review – More like crapitalism

I am so fucking done with this type of film. Wahay, look at the excesses of American capitalism, aren’t they awesome? Look at this fucking white-ass guy with his amazing life, and his big house, and his much younger wife. He is so much better, more capable, more successful than you. Who cares if he’s breaking the law, in capitalism all you’re chasing is that almighty dollar so of course he’s justified. Watch as he outsmarts everyone around him, his co-workers, his family, the cartels, the American fucking government. They’re all trying to get a piece of the pie too so who gives a fuck?

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Logan Lucky Review – Cheerier than Wolverine

How long ago did Steven Soderburgh retire from films? I guess it don’t really mean so much when he claims that and then directs, shoots, and edits two whole seasons of a television show. He’s been tempted back to the big screen, he says, because he was passed a script so fun he couldn’t resist taking it on himself. That’s his story, nobody’s actually that sure if the credited screenwriter here even exists. Given that ‘Mary Ann Bernard’ and ‘Peter Andrews’ are transparent by this point there’s some reason to be suspect.

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Final Portrait Review – Unvarnished artistry

There’s this dichotomy to Stanley Tucci’s filmmaking. People cast him because he can be the most charming person alive. Like, all he has to do is appear on screen and I’ll be totally on board with whatever he’s doing. Even when Peter Jackson is being the most manipulative and overt a filmmaker has ever gotten in casting the man as a paedophile: gives him that combover, the creepy moustache, it all chafes against the fact that, well, it’s Stanley Tucci. It’s a fine performance, I’m not blaming him for that flick.

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The Weekly Roundup – 27/08/2017

I applied for another job this week, got another rejection. Seems to be the way of things really. I should be ashamed of myself, I deserve everything I’m getting. I keep saying that things will have to change but I can never commit to actually doing anything differently. All I want to do is sell… Continue reading The Weekly Roundup – 27/08/2017

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Everything, Everything Review – Another sick romance

It’s been fun watching internet film contrarians talk about this movie. Mostly it’s reddit that comes up with all the worst takes but I’ve seen some actual respectable critics come up with some real strange criticisms. The best garbage I’ve read over and over again is that this film romanticises self harm. It’s about this girl Maddy whose immune system is so dysfunctional that to even leave her treated, airlocked, aseptic house would mean serious illness, possibly death.


All You Brits should go see Your Name tomorrow

Hey everyone, not so much a post as a PSA today. My favourite film of last year, Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name is returning to the cinemas for one day only and it’s Wednesday. Like I’m super glad that I was able to catch this last year because Anime Limited actually put out pretty fully featured cinematic… Continue reading All You Brits should go see Your Name tomorrow

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The Hitman’s Bodyguard Review – A comic drama

One of the best bits in The Hitman’s Bodyguard comes when the script tries to pull off one of the worst plot reveals of all time. Like, someone admits to being the reason behind someone else’s downfall and I’m not sure why I’m trying to keep it secret. It’s the most obvious twist of all time. I’m talking around it here; but when a film be about a bodyguard who loses his business in the opening minutes when a client is assassinated; and an assassin. It ain’t hard to put two and two together.